MFSC Digital Presence

Motion Focus & Sports Clinic |  2020 - 2021

Physiotherapy and other health services

Redesigning the experience for a sports therapy and physiotherapy clinic


Visual/Web Designer
Content Creator

I redesigned all website and new visual elements, including for social media and advertising. I was also responsible for all content on the website, including copywriting. At last, my efforts covered technical aspects such as events management, analytics and SEO.

The context

Starting a new business is rather challenging, regardless of the product, service or industry. That was also the case for Motion Focus & Sports Clinic, to earn awareness, increase the number of clients and generate a positive and long-lasting experience.

The company understood that it was necessary to create a strong digital presence. And so, it was necessary to rethink the usage of online channels such as the website and social media.

The briefing

First, it was necessary to establish brand guidelines. In other words, define the proper usage of visual elements and branding intelligence setups, such as typography, tone, colour pallets, imagery, illustration and iconography. The clinic wanted to stand out in the local communities, and being concise required following those standards while reflecting the company's goal, values and essence.

Promoting the company was the other objective. Making sure technical aspects were well-done, such as defining metrics, setting up events, SEO practices. The business needed to grow sustainably, reaching achievable objectives and tracking them constantly. It was also necessary to stand out on social media, completely covering the SEM umbrella.

Check the Mood Board here:

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Bringing MFSC to life

Before thinking about how to design all online deliverables, I needed to understand more about the business. What were the services, how do they work, what are the processes - those were some of the questions I wanted to learn more about, so I could define the website's main objective. It became clear that they needed more leads, though the decision-making process wasn't that fast.

Later on, I had to understand better who are the users. I gathered information and feedback directly with some customers, exploring their behaviours, goals with the treatment, even how they afford the consultations and how they move around. I also collected demographic data such as age, gender, family configuration, occupation and where they live. After it, it was clear that we had 4 clusters of services:

  • Sport-focused
    Clients looking for ways to improve their performance or recover from injuries. They were looking for services in Sports Therapy or Pilates.
  • Condition-focused
    Mostly women over 40-year-old, they were treating a condition. Most times, a family doctor referred them to a physiotherapist.
  • Complementing
    Another group of clients wanted to complement their treatments. Massage Therapy was a high-demand service for physio and chiro.
  • Accidents
    A few customers suffered from a vehicle or work accident and needed a physiotherapist to get back to work. Also, the WCB could cover their treatments.
Research and analysis

With the clear goal of increasing the number of leads, the next step was to define the content on the website. First, I've checked on competitors that were already well-established in the region. By benchmarking, I could analyze good and bad practices, usage of terminologies, visual components, even tone and writing. Then, I explore the most popular keywords in the industry using Google Trends and SEMRush. That way, I could get a better idea of popular queries and terms used by users.

With a list of services and keywords, I've done a site map with all pages leading to the book appointment page in no more than 4 steps. Considering the importance of improving the website ranking (SEO), I've also created more services pages digging into more about specific treatments.

Check the Site Map here:

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Rebuilding the website

With all inputs at hand, I rebuilt the website looking for an enjoyable experience and instructive content. I knew health services could be complex and technical, and translating it to a more user-friendly tone was one of my priorities. I also wanted the users to correlate with all imagery, emphasizing good and positive feelings. Inclusion was also a must since customers are from different backgrounds and countries.

Finally, I also did a few A/B tests with sections, call-to-actions and mostly the leads form. I wanted to understand what performed better, so it was mandatory to set up events on Google Tag Manager, define goals on Google Analytics, and install HotJar to analyze heatmaps.

Online Campaigns

Supporting all efforts to improve the website's ranking, a few online campaigns took place on Facebook and Google Ads. Especially in the beginning, paid media was key to push organic traffic to the site. Engaging on Facebook and Instagram also helped in this process, also well as interacting with communities associations.

Through time, I kept supporting the company on online campaigns. So far, we've optimized our ads leading to better outcomes - Motion Focus & Sports Clinic has 80% more sessions due to paid and organic media.

Learning & results

After the website facelift, the business has continuously expanded. The average conversion rate of 2021 is almost 22%, including calls, leads and contact form submissions. There's a similar result to SEO ranking, though some keywords perform better than others. The business is a 5-start review on Google My Business so far, and in less than 2 years has grown.

As for my own professional learnings, this project was important to improve my technical skills. I've been through graphic design to coding, setting up events on Google Tag Manager to creating multiple paid media campaigns. This job was also relevant for me to understand the necessity to adapt ideas while facing technical difficulties. The importance to adapt, thrive and keep a good experience was rewarding.

Final version

Motion Focus & Sports Clinic's website is constantly changing and adapting, making sure the best user experience is in place. You can check the latest version done by me here.

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