Bonus Campaign

Caixa Seguradora | 2018

04 Caixa Seguradora products: private pension, auto insurance, group financing (consórcio) and lottery savings (capitalização)

An internal campaign by Caixa Seguradora using cognitive biases to generate emotional appeal.


Product Owner
Content Strategist

I was responsible for the project, leading a multi-disciplinary team, including employees from BUs, Marketing, HR, IT and third parties such as ad agencies. I also was in constant dialogue with stakeholders, as well as defining features, deadlines and deliverables. Finally, I lead the content strategy, defining channels, tone, and types of advertising.

The challange

Nothing better than having your employees as customers, after all, they are the best brand advocates. However, when it comes to financial products, this is not always a reality. In Caixa Seguradora's case, some products had more adherence than others, such as life insurance and private pension plans. But for others, there was plenty of opportunities to grow internally.

The idea was to benefit from the annual bonus period when employees would have greater purchasing power. But for this, they would need to be sensitized gradually, with impactful and creative content to understand the importance of taking care of their achievements, future, and those they love.

The briefing

Increase the acquisition volume of Caixa Seguradora products internally. The content strategy was to stand out from previous years, in which the tone was more product-focused, exploring an emotional approach. After all, the brand's essence of the Caixa Seguradora was well taken care of, and from then we followed the campaign's tone using a few behavioural economics concepts:

  • Confirmation Bias
    Addressing common behaviours as well as some product-related jargon. The idea behind it was to counter these beliefs directly and intelligently.
  • Social Proof
    Sensitize the audience with data and information that most people are familiar with. With this, we could persuade people to realize that they alone are not taking care of something.
  • Loss Aversion
    Since we tend to dislike the risks of losing something or changing the status quo, some advertising has explored this bias. Here, the proposal was to show what could be lost if there is no action.
  • Nudge
    With little physical intervention, since most of the advertising has been done by printed material. The proposal was to explore places of passage and pauses, such as the garage, elevators, restrooms, and even the turnstiles.

Private Pension Totem:
If you already have everything planned for the future, you don't even need to look here. Otherwise..."


The project's primary goal was to increase product sales by +5% during two months of the annual bonus period, targeting Caixa Seguradora's employees.

As a secondary objective, it sought to increase the level of brand engagement and consideration, as well as loyalty to the company's products.

Target Market

The audience was all the more than 1,700 Caixa Seguradora employees who worked in the head office building since most of the advertisements were printed and distributed throughout the company's common areas. Although a significant part of the employees already had at least one of the products, a segmentation of the employees was made for sending the email marketing. In general, the aim was to encourage that:

  • Customers without private pension plans acquire the company's plan. This product had a reduced administration fee and payment by Caixa Seguradora of the same amount.
  • Customers with private pension plans to make an additional contribution to their products. The more they invested in their plan, the faster they could take advantage of it in the future.
  • Clients without auto insurance policy to transfer or purchase the product. This would be matched or given an additional 10% discount per vehicle.
  • Customers without group financing would evaluate the possibility of joining existing groups at lower rates. They could talk directly with the product manager, who would explain processes, steps and the purchase.
  • Customers without lottery savings would decide to try their luck with a lower value product with higher rewards. They wouldn't lose their money if they left the money in savings until the end of the product's term.

Group Financing:
You have an appointment with your future. And it's right there.

Design process

The entire design and creation processes were done with the product, marketing, and communication teams. We also included an advertising agency specialized in printed advertising, AS PROMO. Two brainstorming sessions were held to ideate the campaign concept, resulting in the communication tone used.

We sought to explore the use of words with icons rather than images and illustrations. We wanted to draw more attention to the target markets and make it easier to read promptly since they would be moving through the areas of the building. The same was done with email marketing, keeping the same visual identity of the campaign.

A schedule was made with the prioritized and more complex materials to speed up deliveries. Besides the daily scrum, there was a weekly interlocution with the advertising agency to check corrections, tests, applications and gaps in the project.


As mentioned, totems, flyers, banners, and stickers were designed to be applied at various locations throughout the company. Every hallway had totems and banners at the entrances to the offices and cafeterias. Banners were also placed in the collective restaurant. At the entrances, the turnstiles were adhered to, as well as the mirrors in the elevators and restrooms. There was also a large adhesive on the mirror and life of the company's gym. On office doors, there were stickers at the entrance and exit. Finally, banners were also placed on the entrance and exit chancels of the building's garage.

Some digital materials were also made, such as emails marketing, banners on the home page and the intranet product page. Some WhatsApp cards were made to share directly with the employees.

Garage chancels
Brazilians take 19 months to change cars. Don't waste time, do our group financing and change yours too.

Elevator stickers
Invest in you and see a better future.

Turnstile stickers
Turn your life around with saving lottery prizes.

WhatsApp card
Would R$600 thousand would help you today?

Email marketing
Time is passing, passing (...)
Did you stop to think about your future?

Intranet banner
Don't click here if you have everything planned for the future

Learning & results

The Bonus Campaign performed well overall, exceeding +15% in sales volume over the previous year. Some products performed better than others, like lottery savings and private pension plans. However, auto insurance and group financing had low adherence. Moreover, the secondary objective was certainly achieved considering the level of engagement with the advertising pieces. Many employees posted photos and stories on their social media, generating awareness for the brand organically - which is great for reaching others outside the company.

As for learnings, this project was important to refine even more the relationships with other co-workers. I believe I successfully shared knowledge, both in agile and the concepts of behavioural economics. In addition, the relationship with the advertising agency was also exceptional, where we incorporated it directly into the squad. Besides the agency's project manager, the copywriter and art director were on the team, which facilitated communication and understanding about the product and the tone of the campaign.