I'm Luiz Santana

A UX/UI Designer and Product Owner based in Calgary, Canada. I'm originally from Brasilia, Brazil, and I always say how amazing my city's design and architecture is. I'm currently working as a UX/UI Designer at RBC.

As a taurine, I'm naturally driven by my passions: samba, coffee and creative ideas.

UX/UI Designer
agile enthusiast

My career

I'm a professional in User Experience Design with over 10 years of experience in a few industries, and yet, regardless of any job title, I perceive myself as a problem-solver. Just like Don Norman, I firmly believe that we designers play an important role in our societies when it comes to understanding people's needs and to creating effective and enjoyable (why not?) solutions.

I also like to say that I'm not a conventional designer. I didn't start my career as a graphic designer or as an intern in an ad agency. My first job ever was as a BI Analyst at AB InBev, analyzing numbers and trying to get something out of the huge amount of data I had to deal with every day. It was then that I had my first UI designs, with unconventional dashboards that would support over 30 sales directors and managers in their metrics and goals. Naturally, that was my first step into understanding the meaning of a good design while creating a problem-solver mindset.

After a few years in the beverage segment, I landed in the tech industry by joining SOFTEX Brasil as project coordinator. I started working with innovation projects, leading and managing initiatives such as Start-Up Brasil, Brasil IT+, and internationalization initiatives. I dived into lean and agile methodologies and learned from entrepreneurs how to perform in a highly under-pressure environment. I worked with so many different products and teams that I also understood that good communication is another must-have skill for a designer.

After a couple of months, I got an invitation to work with financial products at Caixa Seguradora, the insurance group of Caixa Econômica Federal, one of the largest banks in Latin America. Throughout this time, I inhaled (and exhaled) user experience, digital marketing, project management, and agile daily. I launched digital products, web services, campaigns and a bunch of experiments. I participated in the creation of the company's design system, helped Caixa Seguradora in shaping its brand guidelines and, naturally, had a lot of fun. It was during this time that I was formally introduced to UX, though I realized I was designing for quite a few years now.

After almost 4 years at Caixa Seguradora, my wife and I decided it was time to make some life changes. We wanted to go out and see the world while I wanted to get back to my studies. And so, we landed in Canada, Calgary (yahoo), and we were so warmly welcomed that we've been calling this place home since then. During this time, I accomplished two post-graduation certificates, started building websites, learned a bit of coding, and became fully integrated with a product life cycle, going beyond the design phases. I also got to work on small jobs for local clients, and some friends as well. 

And then I was extremely lucky to join RBC as a UX/UI designer, working with the most talented developers, designers and leaders I ever met in my life. This time, I got to work with internal-facing clients, as well as data and analytics products, a new beast I am determined to tame. And so, I've been working with exciting products that are taking data operations, consumption and analysis to the next level. Together with other designers, I'm also responsible to tend and improve our design system, which has been widely used in our department in other teams and products.

When I am not designing or bringing products to life, I am outdoors with my two border collies or solving problems in my own house (the life of a home-owner). I'm also a coffee person, a geek, and somehow I think I can do CrossFit.

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Degrees and Certificates


As a former BI and big fan of numbers, before I get down to business I like to understand data and information about the project. Analyzing website metrics, customer portfolio profile, and even browsing behaviour; understanding UX and Marketing KPIs is essential.

I also want to understand more about the user, collecting perceptions and insights with researches and interviews. This empathy phase is key for me to evaluate pain points, needs and goals. Most importantly, it helps to avoiding assumptions and finding what the problem really is.

From there, the ideation and design steps may vary. Depending on the project, the fidelity of the wireframe might be higher or lower, yet, sketches, pen and paper are a mandatory process. I'm always reaching out to my collaborators to check for suggestions, feedback or guidance. Feedback is a constant in the UX process and should always be a must!

I am driven by my passions, and being creative is one of them. I believe in the power of corporate cultures, in the ability of teams to accomplish outstanding feats. I'm always excited to get involved in the processes, to make a difference. Through time, I've developed an ownership spirit that makes me want to learn more regardless of the product and industry. I confess to loving design, web development and agile a lot, and I believe in and apply Design Thinking and other creative processes like Design Sprint and Lean UX. I thrive on being an integral part of the user experience; from the research to wireframe, brainstorming to testing.

Well-versed in several design platforms like Adobe XD, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop and Figma. I also have knowledge of front-end development, such as HTML and CSS, WordPress, Shopify and Webflow.


As a good citizen of the globalized world, I was born and raised in Brazil, and for the last two years, I've been living in Canada - west coast, in Alberta. I was also lucky enough to have Spanish relatives, which helped me in speaking a third language. I have had some other language adventures since discovering about cultures is exciting!

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